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Let me tell you about today. The morning started with Cooper, Ashley (Cooper's visiting girlfriend) and I feeding hay to our weaned calves to help them maintain a steady weight and health during the cold weather. This is the only herd of cattle on the ranch that we feed. Anyhow, they came running right on cue when they heard the air horn from on the feed truck. We spread the hay from truck and headed back to headquarters to prep for the follow-up grazing planning meeting that Cooper talked about last week. This meeting was to finalize all of our planned grazing and map it all out on paper. There was a lot of good discussion as to the best rotations and herd movements and we finally adjourned a little after lunch. After the meeting everyone was pretty brain fried so we all parted ways to get out on the ranch to tend to different tasks.

Cooper headed to the Straw Gulch pasture to permanently fix a patched fence that we found while out riding last week. Our interns Armando and Erica fixed a broken section of fence behind the headquarters complex. They are really catching on quickly to ranch work and had the fence back up and looking like new in no time. Allan went on a drive to check on one of the herds on the northern end of the ranch and Michael wrapped up some office work and worked some more on the horse that he mentioned in an earlier post. I stuck around headquarters working on a young project horse, hauling in a broken down trailer and getting a truck and trailer ready to haul some hay up from the hay yard to hdq for the calves and random other cattle that we have in the corrals. All in all it was a pretty normal but productive day.

The rest of the week we are going to be horseback. We are meeting tomorrow morning to ride out to our eastern pastures to begin gathering all of the cattle there. When we have them combined into one herd, we will move them to hdq where we will process the cows (pregnancy check) and wean the calves. The whole process will take a number of days. It is sometimes long and hard work but it is always fun to be outside working with cattle and horses. I will take some pictures of the process for my next post.
Posted by Duke I. on 01/26/2011

Wednesday, Jan 19, 2011
Category: Live from the Ranch
This is a photo that I took while I was out on an ice run last week. It offers a stark contrast to the mild coastal scenery that I am enjoying at this moment. I am sitting in the Santa Barbara airport writing, missing Colorado. My dad and I have been in a very warm and sunny California for the past 5 days visiting the Thatcher School and doing some general touring. It has been a good respite from the cold but I think both of us are ready to be home. Next week we are are going to gather cattle from the eastern end of the ranch to headquarters where we will wean calves and preg-check the cows. I am really looking forward to some time in the saddle.

Posted by Duke I. on 01/19/2011

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