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Resident Barn Owl
Category: Birding at the Chico
Two Barn Owls were seen roosting in the net lanes of the Banding Station on the 10th of January. Here, one of them gets ready to move to a different roost when it spotted me trying to enter one of the tumbleweed covered net lanes. 
Posted by Bill M. on 01/11/2015

No Smoking!
Category: Birding at the Chico
Getting close to The Casita and the Banding Station is currently difficult with a huge accumulation of  wind-blown tumbleweeds at both locations.  While there are wintering birds at the edge of the weeds, once they move into the areas with the densest accumultion it is very diffiuclt to view them.  Two Barn Owls were visible in one section of the Banding Station as the weeds offer rodents both food and protection from most avian predators.
Posted by Bill M. on 01/11/2015

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