Wednesday, Oct 19, 2011
Category: Live from the Ranch
Pikes Peak is the most dominating and recognizable view looking to the front range from the Chico. Rightfully so. It towers behind shallow foothills and is capped brilliantly in white for many months out of the year. This photo however captures my favorite view. The Twin Peaks just southwest of Walsenburg. Cold weather is approaching as the mountains get clearer in the crisp fall air. On really cold mornings the mountains seem as if they are just south of our border fence.
Posted by Duke I. on 10/19/2011

Wednesday, Oct 12, 2011
Category: Live from the Ranch
Today's Crew

I got a good picture of the wild lab herd at my parents house waiting patiently while I assembled everything I needed to complete the days task. We loaded up and visited some of the new water tanks on the pipeline. My crew did some serious investigating in the prairie surrounding while I welded the overflow pipes onto the tank. They are not typical ranch dogs that one would picture on the short-grass prairie, but they are unbeatable companions. Rambo is the one sitting, Rocky (his little brother) is laying in front and Jet (Rambo's son) is the pup between.
Posted by Duke I. on 10/12/2011

Wednesday, Oct 05, 2011
Category: Live from the Ranch
Long day today. I took this shot of my dad, Michael and Allen riding home after moving the yearlings. The move went beautifully and they were happily grazing in the Headquarters horse pasture grazing and waiting on the trucks to arrive tomorrow. They are in really good especially considering how far they have come through this dry summer we have had.

After the ride, Jonathan and I hit the shop to install a new suspension on his truck. It turned into a longer project than we expected and it sits waiting to be finished in the shop as I write. Hopefully we will be able to wrap it up in the next few days.

Posted by Duke I. on 10/05/2011

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