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Birding at the Chico

The Chico Basin Ranch is a major flyway for migratory birds, due to the abundant springs, lakes and bird habitat on the ranch. The ranch works closely with Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory and has over 300 birds on the ranch bird list. Many people come to the ranch in the spring and fall to bird.

Bill Maynard is one of birders that comes most frequently. When we asked him if he would keep the ranch birding journal, he was pleased and agreed to do it. Thank you Bill! Bill has taught high school biology, worked as a naturalist for the National Park Service and as a biologist for a variety of government agencies. He has also worked for the American Birding Association at their national headquarters in Colorado Springs. 

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The Predator - Golden Eagle
It takes five years for a Golden Eagle to obtain adult plumage, here likely a bird in its second year of life. Native Americans treasure the tail feathers of Golden Eagles in this plumage with the broad white bases and dark tips. Rodents and other smaller raptors do not.  Golden Eagle is a predator that can and will kill animals that are larger than itself.  Check out the feet and imagine the power behind the currently folded talons.  In winter, Golden Eagles like perches near potential prey such as tall power poles above prairie-dog colonies (here coming off a tall pole on the Chico).  Golden Eagles can even take old pronghorns, but in winter their primary food sources are jackrabbits, cottontails, and prairie-dogs, but coyotes are not immune to the hunting skills of a Golden Eagle. In winter, carrion is also frequently consumed. Their formidible bill can tear open the toughest hides.
Posted by Bill M. on 12/02/2012

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