Wednesday, Feb 23, 2011
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We are moving into calving season and things are about to get busy. The first calves are showing up in various herds across the ranch. This little calf and his mother are in a herd that is currently grazing in the Straw Gulch pasture. This herd is comprised of various cattle shipments that have been flowing onto the ranch mostly from Texas. Although these cattle came from warmer, easier weather, they are adjusting well to our climate and are gaining weight and looking healthier each passing day.

Tomorrow we are headed out to the western end of the ranch to move a herd of cattle into a pasture that is closer in on the ranch so that we can keep a closer eye on them as they move into their timed calving season. Cooper and I are planing on riding out of the May Camp early in the morning to move the Beefmaster herd over a pasture. We are hoping the first move will go quickly so that we can trot out and join the rest of the crew to move the bigger herd. Regardless, it is looking like tomorrow is going to be another good one in the saddle.
Posted by Duke I. on 02/23/2011

Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011
Category: Live from the Ranch
I took this picture last week while we were out moving cattle from the Whipple pasture to the Dry Creek Pasture. This is Jonathan on his "gun horse" Enrique Edwardo Antonio Banderas, or Edgar Extreme, depending on the day. We ended up riding home cold and in the dark but in all it was a nice afternoon ride.

Today and yesterday we butchered meat for the year to come. We killed the animals weeks ago and they have been hanging in a headquarters barn to tenderize. In total we cut up 6 cattle, 1 elk and 3 lambs. It is long work but we had a great crew of Chico people and a number of hands from the MZ ranch. We made quick work of the beeves and finished them all on Tuesday. Today we finished cutting the elk and lamb early and spent the rest of the day cleaning and taking care of other chores. The weather has been absolutely beautiful and I am really hoping it will hold up.
Posted by Duke I. on 02/16/2011

Wednesday, Feb 09, 2011
Category: Live from the Ranch
This is one of the most recognizable cows on the ranch. She always seems to be around when you are checking water moving cattle or just about any time for that matter. Look for her when you are out!

Today we spent the morning chopping ice. Once again Colorado weather pulled a fast one on us and the weather got really cold. When I went to start my truck this morning, its computer was reading -16F. No fun. I am ready for the cold weather to move on. This weekend is supposed to be up into the 50s and that will be a welcome change. This afternoon Michael, Cooper, Erica and I rode out to gather the Beefmaster herd the rest of the way into the headquarters corral. The temperature hovered just above 0 but the sun was out and the wind was not blowing so it was not a cold feeling 0. The gather started well but midway through, the cattle decided that they were tired of moving and had better things to do (grazing). Talk about frustrating. We had to push them hard the last mile into the corrals but we got it done. Tomorrow morning we will go out early on ice runs and return to the corrals to strip the calves from the cows and then preg-check cows. The weather is supposed to cooperate with us. It is going to be a great day.
Posted by Duke I. on 02/09/2011

Cold Weather
Category: Live from the Ranch
This little storm has changed some things around for us. We were supposed to preg check the sand herd yesterday but were forced instead to do ice runs and haul hay. Besides the cold weather, the cattle have been working against us too. Cooper and I drove into headquarters yesterday morning to find that the cattle had knocked broken a good sized hole the corral fence that was keeping their calves in. All the calves got out and the cows got in and ate all of the hay. All was not lost, it just means a longer day today re-sorting the calves from the cows again on top of preg checking. Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit today. Regardless, it will be a great day.
Posted by Duke I. on 02/03/2011

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