Wednesday, Mar 23, 2011
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Crazy wind here. I am being told that this is normal for this time of year, but for some reason it seems totally new to me. It blows seemingly day and night with little quiet spells here and there. It is as though the earth is inhaling and exhaling, driving me out of my mind. Besides the wind, the weather has been beautiful, sunny and warm. I took this picture this afternoon just before I started working through the weanlings yet another time. They are super relaxed around people which is a good sign because they are comfortable in their new environment. Motherless and among people. We will turn them out in another couple of days. They will run with our saddle horses being watched closely and worked through as needed.

Posted by Duke I. on 03/23/2011

Wednesday, Mar 16, 2011
Category: Live from the Ranch
When the schedule was built at the beginning of the year, we planned in a week where the majority of the work that we would do was based around getting all of our young and upcoming horses started on their way to becoming ranch horses. This week is upon us. Yesterday we brought in all of our young horses, including pairs that have never been handled. Their ages range from young weanlings (just separated from their mothers) up to 3 year olds. There are some really nice horses and everyone is excited about their bright futures here on the ranch. This is a photo of Cooper mounting a recently saddled horse for the first time. Everything went very smoothly and he was able to get on and walk the horse through his first steps under a rider. It usually takes months if not years to find a good name for a horse, but this particular one was let go with the new name, "Manzanito". His name means "Little Apple" and was given to him because he is the mirror image of Grace's regular horse, Apple Head. Our "horse week" will continue throughout Thursday and Friday. Hopefully we will encounter the same success as today.
Posted by Duke I. on 03/16/2011

Wednesday, Mar 09, 2011
Category: Live from the Ranch
This is a calf that was recently orphaned when his mother did not survive his birth. Luckily, the cow was in close to headquarters so we were able to save the calf. Our intern Erica has taken charge of tending to this this little calf, mainly making sure that it is fed twice daily. This little calf is full of life and comes running, looking for food whenever anyone steps foot in his pen.

We were fortunate to spend most of the day riding today. Our task included gathering the Whipple pasture to a water tank, sort 2 ways and trail the two groups to their different pastures. Once we got the cattle settled on the water, the sorting went like clockwork. We were finished sorting around 1pm and were able to fully enjoy the beautiful Colorado spring afternoon.

Tomorrow a group of students from Fountain Valley High School are coming to stay and help us with ranch work through the weekend. During their stay we plan on teaching them how to build fence, how to work in out metal shop (welding, cutting, ect) and how to process cattle in a chute and trail them out. It is something we have done with the school for a few years now and each year it is a great time had by all.
Posted by Duke I. on 03/09/2011

Wednesday, Mar 02, 2011
Category: Live from the Ranch
Good morning. I took this picture yesterday evening while we were trailing freshly branded calves out to pasture. They had been in the corrals for two days so they were ready to be going somewhere. The model in this picture is Jonathan and he is expressing his great satisfaction with the day.

Right now I am sitting in my living room waiting for the sun to come up so we can leave to gather some cattle to be shipped. Cooper, Jonathan and I are going to ride out of the May Camp and gather some cattle that my dad sold over the weekend. One load of cattle is going a little ways north to Sedalia and another load is going just outside of Trinidad. We will gather the cattle to hdq where we will sort and load them on the trucks. We had a load of cattle arrive last night sometime so we will brand them and take them out to pasture later today. Also on the schedule today is ear tattooing our bull calf herd. We do this to keep a permanent id in their ears. We tag all of our Beefmaster herd but the tags can fall out. We selected this year's bull crop yesterday. After we are done working them, they will be turned out in a pasture just south of hdq to mature into working bulls.
Posted by Duke I. on 03/02/2011

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