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I was flying on Sunday afternoon with my mother over the eastern part of the ranch when we noticed a cow lying in an awkward position. I circled back around and saw definite signs that the cow had passed on but curled up against her back was a clean newborn calf. I picked a flatish looking spot, clear of cholla and landed so we might investigate further. We walked the 1/4 of a mile back to where the cow was and sure enough the calf jumped up and tried to clear the area. I grabbed her, hoisted her over my shoulders and headed back to Little Yellow. There is a convenient, calf sized baggage compartment behind the second seat so I cleared a space and hoisted the little heifer in. We pointed into the wind and took off for home. The little calf took to the air like a seasoned pro, not a peep and no struggle. She is now a resident of her very own pen and will soon be attracting a lot of attention. Make sure to stop in and say "Hello" to Amelia the flying calf next time you are in the area.
Posted by Duke I. on 04/02/2013

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