Wednesday, Jul 13, 2011
Category: Live from the Ranch
Long-gone Lonesome Blues

This is Lonesome Blues. I think this horse has more character than any other horse I have ever seen. He is a very solid ranch horse minus him one minor tick. Here is the scenario:

We are be trotting across the pasture. There is nothing in sight, no bushes, cholla, fences, anything. The only thing is a tire or a mineral tub that is sitting in plain view 100 yards away. As we trot towards the tire, Lonesome is nonchalantly covering ground quickly and smoothly. All of a sudden that tire catches his eye and he is instantly 10 feet left or right. It is frustrating at times but soon the frustration gives way to jokes about poor Lonesome.

He can cover country exceptionally well. He is well versed in all cattle works. He is an incredibly "people horse". Often when we are stopped he turns around to check on the rider. When he turns he always expects to be noticed and given affection. Long-gone Lonesome Blues is one of a kind.
Posted by Duke I. on 07/13/2011

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