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Category: Live from the Ranch
 One by one.... each little new grass plant is coming up at May Camp.
Posted by Amy W. on 05/29/2013

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Category: Live from the Ranch
Posted by Amy W. on 05/29/2013

Swift fox
Category: Live from the Ranch
It's always fun to see one of these little guys.
Posted by Amy W. on 05/29/2013

Fountain Valley!
Category: Live from the Ranch
This week we have a group of eleven Fountain Valley freshman high school students here at the ranch for their spring break interim. We have been busy learning how to weld and use the cutting torch in the metal shop, building a conservation blind for prairie dog watching, gathering pastures and moving cattle. Pictured here are Matt, Caleb, John, Harrison, and Hailey after completing a new H-brace. 
Posted by Amy W. on 03/19/2013

Category: Live from the Ranch
 "Aridity, more than anything else, gives the western landscape its character. It is aridity that gives the air its special dry clarity, aridity that puts brilliance in the light and polishes and enlarges the stars, aridity that leads the grasses to evolve as bunches rather than as turf; aridity that exposes the pigmentation of the rare earth and limits, almost eliminates, the color of chlorophyll; and aridity that has shaped the characteristically swift and mobile animals of the dry grasslands."

I recently read this passage in "Where the Bluebird Sings to the Lemonade Springs" by Wallace Stegner. In the midst of this drought, it comes to mind on my morning drive to the ranch headquarters to start the day.
Posted by Amy W. on 07/06/2012

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