Working Together to Live with the Land

he Ranchlands team is comprised of professionals with varied backgrounds ranging from large-scale cattle and land management, conservation, hunting, fishing and lodging to real estate investment, marketing, finance and media.


Duke Phillips

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Ranchlands


Tess Leach

Director of Business Development, General Manager of Hospitality, Marketing and Land Stewardship Programs, Ranchlands Artist Gathering and Art Show


Duke Phillips

Chief Operating Officer, oversees all livestock and ranch operations


Jake Meldon

Ranchlands Management Guild Graduate & Chico Basin Ranch Manager In-Training


Sam Bradford

Ranchlands Hospitality and Ranch Management Apprentice


Madi Hester

Leather Shop Manager


Delene Degroot

Ranchlands Office Manager


Maddie Jorden

Ranchlands’ Film and Photography Director, Ranchlands Review Content


Lee Derr

Ranchlands Education Partner

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