Not So Fast My Friend
Category: Birding at the Chico

A great example of the relentless pursuit of food by birds, in this case a Western Kingbird and a cactus dodger type of cicada (Cacamas sp). This cicada was securely in the kingbird's mouth but as I slowly drove closer to get in range for a photograph the kingbird opened its mouth and the cicada tried to escape.  A meal this size is prized so the kingbird went after the cicada and successfully recaptured the cicada and maneuvered it head first so it would slide down more easily. Often birds will first remove wings and heads of insects first before swallowing. Most people take it for granted that birds need to eat, sometimes a constant search for the next food item. Photography and filmography are two of the best ways to record some of the many insects and other prey items birds eat in order to feed their young and to stay alive. 

Posted by Bill M. on 08/06/2017
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